Villa Art Deco Анна 4* Kaliningrad

Location and directions

The boutique hotel "Anna" is differed by a convenient arrangement. The hotel is built in a green zone of Kaliningrad at a small distance from the main city streets that creates a favorable ecological situation around hotel. But at the same time, the way from the hotel to popular tourist places of Kaliningrad takes not much time. In addition, lodgers shouldn't get stuck in traffic jams, reaching to the downtown, on the coast or in the airport. The area Yuditten in which there is a hotel, was considered respectable at the time of Konigsberg. Today Yuditten keep the status of the elite district of the city thanks to magnificent architecture of ancient buildings and good ecology. Within walking distance round the hotel there are interesting sights - monuments of history of times of Teutonic knights, ancient park with drinking lakes.